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In Winter of 2015, Andy found a small-shared space in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. Native to Boyle Heights, Andy and Amy thought of opening a space where students were able to come in and do homework, a tutoring meet up space, and also provide a leave one take one comic book stand. We wanted to open up Cake Girl, a community-based bakery serving those in the neighborhood. Cake girl provides a space for those in the community while offering allergy-friendly pastry items.

She grew up in the neighborhood of El Sereno, from the same district and neighbor to Boyle Heights. Her passion for baking came from helping her father prep in the family kitchen as a child. Her father’s influence has inspired her to take chances, to work hard, and to follow her passion for pastries and baking. In 2012, she founded Cake Girl, an allergy-friendly home-based bakery. She catered to baby showers, birthdays, weddings and local coffee shops. After years of baking in a tiny kitchen, it was time for her to expand into a new bigger space.

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